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Adrenal Function Urine Test - 5 pack

Adrenal Function Urine Test - 5 pack


This test is designed for the home user to self-test first morning urine to check for salt in urine which in turn can help the user assess adrenal stress. In other words, it helps the user to monitor the body for stress. It is important to reduce stress and excessive stress can weaken the immune of the body. The test uses reagents in drops to measure the presence of salt in urine. Salt content is measured based on the reaction of silver and chloride ions which is precipitated quantitatively. A trial sample of a standard 1% sodium chloride (NaCl) solution is provided in the kit for the user to practise prior to the actual test. The test is fairly simple to use with clear instructions and results. The reagents were designed in conjunction with a naturopathic health care provider and an independent laboratory in Canada who also provided measurement of the results.

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Size: 5-test pack

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