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HM-Chelat (Heavy Metal Detox)

HM-Chelat (Heavy Metal Detox)


HM-Chelat is an EDTA chelator used for the extraction and removal of heavy metal ions based on polyaminopolycarbonic acid (DiCalciumEDTA). HM-Chelat is effective, gentle and detoxes metals from the body over a period of time.

When consumed it is absorbed into the blood where it binds with free metal ions and then is then removed from the body through the kidneys in urine. The binding of the metal ions prevent them from being re-absorbed by the body especially when it is in the bowel. This reabsorption may cause more harm due to accumulation. In the process HM-Chelat creates a “magnetic vacuum” in the blood of metal ions to cause more metal ions to be drawn out from the tissues and organs. A gentle metal detox means the essential “metals minerals” balance in the body is not affected otherwise, it is very difficult to re-balance when disturbed.

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Size: 100ml bottle

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