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Natural Concentrated Flax Hulls - Organic Grade

Natural Concentrated Flax Hulls - Organic Grade


Flax Hulls are the shell or apocarps of the flaxseed. There is no oil or seed material. Flax hulls
contain high levels of “lignans”. Lignan, or secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG), is a phytonutrient
that can dramatically improve health by boosting the immune of the body the natural way.
The FDA USA, American Cancer Society, the Mayo Clinic (USA), doctors and researchers all
recommend the use of flax hulls in the daily diet.
Flax hulls provide good antioxidants, nutritious fibre, Vitamin B12 and many minerals. It has an
oxygen radical absorbancy capacity (ORAC) value of 19,600 as compared to 1,770 for kale.

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Size jar: 150gm

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